Filmmaker | Winnipeg | 1963 - 2011

The Welfare King

The Welfare King

40:00 | 1996 | DRAMA

In this film, two children, a brother and sister who live with their mother on social assistance and who hope to make their Christmas something unique, cross the city on foot in order to personally interact with the legendary “Welfare King,” a once poor man who won the lottery and now serves as a kind of benefactor to those not as lucky as he is. As the children make their journey across the city to the wealthy neighbourhood of Tuxedo, they encounter a disparate array of characters, including a group of teenage prostitutes, a rambling alcoholic vagabond, a gang of muggers, and a police officer. In each case, through the experiences of the children, we witness the precariousness and the value of human relations.

- Scott Birdwise (from No Man Can Define Me: The Films of Winston Washington Moxam)