Filmmaker | Winnipeg | 1963 - 2011

Suntan 20/20

Suntan 20/20

8:00 | 1995 | DRAMA

In the year 2020, the ozone layer has been depleted drastically. Skin cancer has become the primary health risk. People are now reluctant to use the suns natutal rays for any type of recreation, particularly, sun bathing. Hither came the governmen with it's regulations, seminars and Phd bureaucratically, certified instructors... These were the high priced specialists who guided those stelworth individuals who still yearned for the suns natural caress and that broze, juicy tan... The tool used to accomplish all of this was the two way micro computer. A device which enabled you to see the instructor and the instructor to see you... This is then the tale of... SUNTAN 20/20. (from the opening voice over)

Created for Video Pool's Blender TV.